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7 ways to avoid having to call an electrician

An electrical source tends to be a major source of problems in a home or in a business. Something will always go wrong or something will need to be repaired or replaced. Whether you belong to the category of those who loves DIY or to the opposite category of the ignorant, there is a high probability that you will need the services of an electrician of the company

Many of you often face electrical problems on weekends or late at night. We know that calling an electrician so often can be problematic for many reasons. At first:

  1. Every visit electrician costs, which can greatly increase your monthly budget.
  2. Inexperienced and unskilled electricians can cause more serious errors in your installation. This requires extra visits and extra costs.
  3. The hassle you go through and the time you lose are also important factors.

So, there is a way to not have to wait for your father-in-law, dad, friend who knows about electricity and spend the day and night on YouTube watching videos on how to make your painting.

Here are 7 ways to avoid having to call an electrician. Following them you will need to call an electrician again very rarely or never. This will save you time and money, but you will also gain the confidence that you did it all yourself.

The lights in the living room do not turn on. What am I doing;

A common problem that many of you may have encountered. Before you make it easy and call an electrician to come and see it, there are several things you can do on your own. Before you turn on your cell phone and look for your problem, you can try some things in advance.

  • Check if all the fuses on your board are up. The only thing that should be closed is that of the water heater.
  • See if the main switch is on or not. In the event of a power outage, the general may have fallen or your fuse may have burned out. In the first case, the security is simply opened. In the second you will need to replace it with the same voltage. But be careful when exporting the old one. It can be hot and needs special attention.
  • Third and last, check if you have paid your provider’s bill. Go to the turtle corresponding to your apartment and see: a) if the power switch is open and b) if the power supply has sealed your box.

In any case, it is good to know in advance which security corresponds to which room or which device in your home. Which one is for the living room lights, which one is for the bathroom and so on. You can write on the board the initials of each benefit so that you have accurate knowledge. So, every time you have a problem you will not need to call an electrician in the slightest.

My sockets are not working. What am I doing;

Another major source of problems in a home. In scattered places in our homes we now have sockets for connecting our various and varied electrical appliances. Sockets that are never enough and we always want one more. Plugs that, however, tend to get in trouble and require repair. Before you call an electrician and have to pay there are some things you can do yourself beforehand.

Main problems that the sockets get in a house

1) How many times have you not quickly passed over a cable by dragging it into your passage and pulling it out of the socket? In such cases the socket may come off its place or have an annoying gap with the wall. In this case you can do the following:

  • Turn off the mains to avoid electric shock.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws that hold the socket stuck to the wall. This way you will be able to pull the plug out and see exactly what damage has been done.
  • If the socket is not damaged, you only need to tighten it well so that it attaches to the wall.

2) But other times an outlet can be damaged and need to be replaced. In this case we do not advise you to do it yourself if it is your first time. Here we responsibly urge you to call an Electrician.


The TV antenna does not work. Do I need an electrician?

The answer to this question can be yes. It depends on the type of problem you have and the type of work that needs to be done. Usually in modern constructions there is an internal wiring that transports the signal from the roof to your apartment. But there are times when you do not have a good signal or your TV is parasitic. Before you call an electrician you can do some things yourself.

  1. First check that all the cables on the back of the TV are securely connected. They may be loose either from behind or from the socket and your TV may not receive a good signal. Tighten them and try again.
  2. Check the TV cable, the TV socket and the socket on the back. They may have been damaged and need to be replaced. Try another cable or other outlet to see if the problem persists.
  3. In general, if you have problems with light bulbs, sockets, water heaters, air-conditioners and TV antennas in your space, there are many things you can do on your own. With some very simple steps that everyone can do, you can create problems in your space easily and quickly.

Is the company operating in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic?

We remind you that our company in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19 operates normally observing all the necessary measures , as indicated by the Ministry of Health and WHO:

  • We wash our hands often and regularly with soap.
  • When it is not possible to wash your hands, it is recommended to use antiseptics with antimicrobial – antibacterial action.
  • When we cough or sneeze, we cover our mouth and nose with an elbow or a tissue.
  • We must wear a face mask indoors or in public places.
  • We do not come into contact with people who may have symptoms of fever or cough.
  • In case we have the above symptoms within 14 days, we call EODY.
  • We keep our distance and avoid overcrowding.
  • As mentioned above, our company observes all protection measures with great care for the safety of customers and staff !

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Overview of the severe shortage of cybersecurity workers across the US government and private sector, despite an unprecedented slate of hacking threats (Joseph Marks/Washington Post)

Joseph Marks / Washington Article:

Overview of the intense scarcity of cybersecurity staff throughout the US governing administration and non-public sector, in spite of an unparalleled slate of hacking threats  —  Anchor of The Cybersecurity 202 newsletter  —  The governing administration is having difficulties to use cybersecurity personnel at the exact time it is experiencing an unparalleled slate of hacking threats.

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Coronavirus latest: India braces for yet another surge in new cases

Singapore millennials and Gen-Z investors remain incredibly optimistic about investing through the coronavirus pandemic and are self-confident about their prospective customers, in accordance to a new review.

Franklin Templeton’s inaugural Future-Gen Trader Survey located that more than the previous 18 months, 80 per cent of respondents continued to commit for the duration of the Covid-19 disaster, even though an even higher 88 for each cent were imagining about investing in excess of the following year.

About 37 for every cent had a every month particular earnings of less than S$3,000 (US$2,219), with 31 for each cent having home in between S$3,000 and S$5,999, 20 for every cent producing among S$6,000 and S$9,999, and 11 for each cent accumulating a lot more than S$10,000 month to month. 

The online study examined the investing motivations, intentions and aspirations of Singapore millennials, aged 25 to 35, and Gen-Z, aged 18 to 24, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. There were 502 respondents and the survey was done from March 19 to April 6.

A promising locating for the market is that 83 for every cent of respondents are habitual month to month savers and 50 % established aside some of their cash flow particularly for investing, with the ordinary yearly investment decision clocking in at just around S$18,000. The the vast majority, 56 for each cent, also like conserving through greenback-charge averaging, when 24 for each cent are lump sum allocators.

But although these youthful buyers are keen on preserving, most also have substantial expectations for financial investment returns. Much more than 50 % count on once-a-year returns of a lot more than 10 for each cent, and a third be expecting returns of 5-10 for every cent. A further 15 per cent count on 1-5 for every cent returns.

The classic 60 for each cent equities, 40 for each cent fixed revenue asset allocation model is favoured by 57 for every cent of respondents, whilst 23 for each cent tap asset allocation tactics and 20 for every cent have no technique. More than 33 for each cent of respondents personal shares, with that asset course remaining the most preferred selection more than the following 12 months.

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Santorini wine uniqueness: Myth or reality?

We have uttered the above countless times when referring to the wines of Santorini, but we refer to them more and more when we go on a Santorini wine tour. The truth is that none of the above seems inaccurate when used to describe any Assyrtiko.Frighteningly low Ph, minerality, endless nerve, tannic finish, unbridled power are the characteristics of the Santorini wines.

So in the context of the tasting nights “Krasarismata” – hosted at the wonderful Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro – for the first time I blindly brought in glasses 10 wines inside and outside the island.

Tours on Santorini wineries

The selection of the teams was made with criteria that I thought would confuse the deck as much as possible and therefore the others consisted of Assyrtiko Athanassiou, Linos Stavropoulou, Alba Vissa Karadimou, Assyrtiko “Alepotrypa” Hatzimichalis and Assyrtiko Lalikou. Wines which I not only really appreciate but which are produced in conditions closer to Santorini. This was the reason why (apart from the latter) I did not include representatives from the emblematic vineyard of Drama, which while pioneering the cultivation of the variety in mainland Greece offers the most fruity style.

On the other hand, I avoided all these strange and special Santorini of the new wave, choosing classic (of course vinified in a tank) labels. And this is because without ignoring the greatness of the first, I believe that wines such as Thalassitis of Gaia, Santorini Sigala, Santorini Karamolegkou and Assyrtiko Argyrou “safely” express the formality of this great terroir.

And this formality shone in the tasting with the wines of the island standing out clearly, not so much quality but stylistic. The first big difference was in the body where the Santorini appeared lighter confirming the numbers where they wanted their average alcohol to be at least half a degree lower than their competitors. But the difference in savagery was even greater, since free from any idea of ​​sweet fruit, they pounded relentlessly with acid aggression, lemony domination and Doric austerity. Finally, Santorini validated its character with a characteristic Tan signature much “redder” than the rest.

We may often find ourselves finding a Santorini sweeter than another, or an off-island Assyrian characteristically acidic or astringent, but the “side by side” test shone brightly on which side each wine belonged to!

I am sure that some people will have scored 4 in Santorini, since the representative of the surprisingly well-formed Santo Wines was missing from them. Having noticed the special quality and its even more special character, I chose from its range Assyrtiko Organic, a wine from 2 organic vineyards of the Diocese with an age of only 7-8 years! And yes, this creamy and very fruity Santorini managed to shuffle the deck for good and show us that the old age of the island’s vineyard may be responsible more than all the other factors for the uniqueness of this terroir.

Wines of Santorini

Many thoughts could be made regarding the choice of wines and many assumptions regarding the outcome of another similar test. However, the clarity that does not translate into better or more enjoyable wines – since the representatives outside Santorini were the same or perhaps more pleasant – but in a more recognizable character. After all, what exactly is a terroir other than a taste monopoly?

Santorini belongs to the island complex of the Cyclades and covers an area of ​​73 km. It belongs to the volcanic arc of the Aegean and is considered an active volcano. The vineyard of Santorini is one of the few in Europe that due to its volcanic soil was not hit by the phylloxera that destroyed the European vineyard. Today Santorini produces wines that are exported to most countries in Europe and the developed world.

The main variety of the island is Assyrtiko, which covers about 70% of the total vineyard. It is also the base of OPAP Santorini together with Athiri, which is the second bigger of the white variety of the island. A third white variety, Aidani, is cultivated in Santorini.

Assyrtiko is considered one of the best white varieties of the Mediterranean and gives wines with high acidity and intensely fruity aromas. Especially in Santorini, Assyrtiko acquires unique characteristics due to the peculiarity of the volcanic soil. In Santorini we also find the famous Vinsanto, a sun-dried aging wine produced from the same white varieties.

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India’s Furlenco raises $140 million for its furniture and appliance renting service

Furlenco, a Bangalore-based startup that operates an eponymous furniture and appliance rental service, said today it has raised $140 million in a financing round as it looks to scale its operations in the South Asian market and explore international market expansion.

The new $140 million financing round, a Series D, comprises $120 million debt raise and rest in equity, the seven-year-old Indian startup told TechCrunch. The new financing round was led by Zinnia Global Fund. CE-Ventures and Lightbox Ventures also participated in this round, which brings its to-date debt and equity raise to over $240 million, according to data insight platform Tracxn.

Furlenco, which operates in more than a dozen Indian cities, allows customers to rent a range of furniture items. In recent quarters, it has expanded to other categories including fitness equipments, appliances, electronic products, as well as two-wheeler vehicles.

India’s Furlenco raises 0 million for its furniture and appliance renting service

A queen size bed on the platform, for instance, starts at as low as $9 a month, while a laptop can be rented for as low as a monthly plan of $40. The startup has attracted customers in part because of its three-day delivery commitment, and deep cleaning of items at no additional cost. It also maintains a partnership with NoBroker, a General Atlantic-backed Indian startup that helps customers avoid brokers when finding new apartments.

The expansion into newer categories helped the startup recover and preserve 95% of its revenue in the financial year that ended in March this year, it said. Lightbox Ventures said Furlenco may explore expansion into Middle East and other international markets.

The startup, which competes with Rentomojo, said it will deploy the fresh capital to fuel its growth and also invest in design and also work to generate an annual revenue of $300 million in the next five years.

“Lifestyles have evolved and so have the needs of the urban Indian when it comes to how they do up their home. However, the furniture industry has some catching up to do in providing the right kind of solutions. We know there is immense strength and scope of innovation in the B2C commerce space and the sectors we operate in. We are tapping into that potential and will definitely disrupt the market with what we are planning,” said Ajith Mohan Karimpana, founder and chief executive of Furlenco, in a statement.

Rent platforms, like many others, saw a major dip last year when the coronavirus hit the country. But the market it’s going after remains a big opportunity. According to industry estimates, the rental furniture and appliance industry is currently worth over $4.5 billion.

“We are excited to partner with Furlenco, which is rapidly transforming Furniture subscription services for India’s lifestyle aspirants. As an industry leader with a strong management team, Furlenco is poised for continued strong growth,” said Ritesh Abbi, Zinnia Global Fund.

India’s Furlenco raises $140 million for its furniture and appliance renting service India’s Furlenco raises $140 million for its furniture and appliance renting service India’s Furlenco raises $140 million for its furniture and appliance renting service India’s Furlenco raises $140 million for its furniture and appliance renting service India’s Furlenco raises $140 million for its furniture and appliance renting service India’s Furlenco raises $140 million for its furniture and appliance renting service

India’s Furlenco raises 0 million for its furniture and appliance renting service

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Coronavirus latest: India’s daily jab rate slips 35% amid shortages and hesitancy

Coronavirus latest: India’s daily jab rate slips 35% amid shortages and hesitancy

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