Best 5 Cases that Keep Your Phone Safe

The day comes for all of us: You most likely to get your phone and it slips from your fingers and falls to the ground!

2 scenarios can play out below. In one, your phone is put comfortably in a phone case (thikes kiniton) and it makes it through the decrease unharmed. In the various other, your phone is vulnerable and also lands with a terrible sound, most likely harmed and potentially inoperable.

No one wants to shed a pricey item of technology that’s also the centre of their digital life. Be smart and also place your phone in a case However with numerous options available, it can be hard to recognize which case will certainly match your needs. Relax, we’re below to assist. Let’s walk through several of the best cases for a variety of preferences.

1. Slim phone case

If the added bulk of a case makes you shudder, you’re most likely in the market for something that’s smooth and also slim and also won’t contribute to the size of your phone. You’re in good luck, because there are a number of amazing ultra-thin cases on the market that protect your phone but don’t include bulk to your pocket or bag.

A company called Spigen makes a few of the best-looking slim cases out there. Not only are they form-fitted particularly for your design of phone, but they likewise feature an unbelievable amount of shock absorption for their size.

2. Solid phone case

The majority of cases that use high-impact protection include a significant amount of mass to your phone. Thanks to an ingenious layout by Rhinoshield, that’s no more an issue.

A Rhinoshield Crash Guard bumper is a tiny rubber device that hugs the edges of your apple iPhone. It’s only 2.5 millimeters thick as well as weighs much less than half an ounce, so you’ll barely see it’s there. In spite of its very little dimension, it can absorb a massive amount of effect– like a 25-foot decrease from a second-story home window– while leaving your phone totally unfazed.

Exactly how does it do that? Making use of a customized polymer that has a protective honeycomb framework for optimal influence absorption as well as “airbag dispersion areas.” That could seem like scientific gibberish, but when you see a Rhinoshield-protected phone endure a 25-foot drop examination onto concrete, you can’t reject the outcomes.

3. Water-proof phone case

Other than gravity, water is a phone’s worst adversary. And also if you spend a lot of time around water, you should certainly consider purchasing a water resistant case for your phone.

Lots of cases are water immune, yet Lifeproof cases are waterproof, allowing you immerse a phone in six feet of water for as much as an hour without springing a leak. That means if your phone obtains dropped in a pool or knocked off the side of a boat, there’s a far better possibility that it will be useful when you obtain it.

4. Pocket phone case

Nobody likes hauling around a budget, handbag, as well as phone; we do it because we have to. Why not reduce these items to the essentials with a budget case for your phone?

The Terrapin natural leather purse case is a great, economical case that holds your phone, chauffeurs’ permit, charge card, as well as cash without adding a bunch of mass. It also gives your phone security versus drops, scrapes, and spilled drinks. To top it off, these cases look excellent and be available in a variety of shades.

5. Battery phone case

You recognize the feeling. You look down at your phone as well as recognize you just have 10% of your battery continuing to be, which is no place near adequate to get you via the rest of the day. Should you start preserving power by switching off Wi-Fi and also GPS? Should you attempt to kick that Instagram habit till you obtain residence? You scan the space for an electric outlet so you can pack up on that particular sweet, sweet juice.

A terrific method to provide your phone an added boost is to make use of a phone case that has an integrated battery. Rigorous examinations show that Lenmar cases use the very best battery boost available for your phone, successfully doubling the time you’ll leave your gadget. Even better, they look wonderful as well as offer excellent decline security.

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