You know what? We’re just gonna say it: A lot of Valentine’s Day gift guides are just plain boring. Now, “gifts for him” and “gifts for her” aren’t inherently boring searches. There are a lot of really sweet, unique ideas out there that truly show you’ve been paying attention to your partner’s wants or needs. But what if your partner’s needs are more…primal? It’s pretty archaic to assume that heart-shaped jewellery or engraved whiskey decanters are the peak of romance.

It’s time to wake up and accept the fact that Valentine’s Day is the sex holiday. Because sometimes,  spicing things up in the bedroom is the most romantic thing you can do.

Whether you embrace the day with a new toy, game, or other gift that can be used in the bedroom, it’s all about sharing the love with a call girl and staying naughty, too. Valentine’s Day provides the opportunity to do something that’ll bring your relationship to a whole new level. With this handy guide, you’ll have 10 different ideas to choose from.

1. Try Bondage

Bondage can be a wonderful way to connect with your partner (even if they are tied down). “If you’re not adept at rope play, purchase bed restraints or bondage tape,” suggests Antonia Hall, a psychologist, relationship expert and sexpert, and the award-winning author of “The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life.”. “Be sure to communicate prior to play with your partner, have a safe word, and watch your partner to ensure their safety.”

If you’re new to BDSM, Adam & Eve’s Beginner Bondage Kit is always a go-to. The addition of its softly padded restraints will kick things up a notch if you’re looking to try out a more dominant-submissive approach to sex. Not to mention, it comes with a blindfold to intensify all those surprise sensations.

2. Be Flexible

The best sex positions have the dominant partner on top. If you’re trying to be a little more ferocious, be the one to take the initiative. “Take control and pace between slow and faster rhythms to make your partner ache for more,” says Hall. “Lie on your partner in missionary to remind them who’s boss, or take them from behind, which is a great position for some spankings and clitoris play.”.

3. Feel the Heat

Pick up some massage candles that are made of soy wax. With their melt temperature lower than conventional wax candles, they’ll keep a strong glow going in even the darkest of bedrooms. Plus, the longer lasting flame gives you chance to use that candle wax for a much sexier purpose.

“You can do the kinky ‘pour hot wax on your boo’ thing much more safely, and then, voila — it becomes warm massage oil! Sensual and sexual exploration may proceed,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., and Good Vibrations staff sexologist. A blindfold used along with this is even kinkier. Notes Queen: “This helps the recipient of the hot wax and massage focus on sensory input and makes the experience that much more sexy and intense.”

4. Try a New Toy

Who says you can’t treat yourself on Valentine’s Day? Spice up your sex life with a brand new, shiny toy that’ll hit satisfy all of your needs. While you can give it to your partner to use on you, there’s certainly nothing wrong with playing by yourself. The Rev1000 is something that’ll help bring you to those levels of ecstasy that no one else can. You can’t go wrong when using a masturbation sleeve, especially one like this that has multiple speeds and functions that’ll leave you checking to see if your penis is still attached to your body. A toy that twists, spins, and rotates your member to completion is one that every guy should have in their night stand.

5. Watch Yourselves Play

Even if setting up a camera before sex isn’t exactly your thing, sometimes, catching a glimpse of yourselves in the mirror during sex can still be incredibly exciting. Now, just imagine having a mirror only for play. Sure, that ‘80s-era sliding mirror closet door will do the trick, but if you want to get fancy, the LUVVU mirror is the world’s first and only detachable round ceiling mirror, created with adjustable angles for lovers to enjoy an intimate reflection of their own enjoyment courtesy of its shape. It provides an erotic visual experience for more intense pleasure, and gives viewers the choice of clear or red reflection. The height and the angle of the LUVVU mirror are also adjustable for a range of viewing options.

6. Bring Out the Animal in You

Who would’ve thought that wrapping it up would be a good way to explore your wild side? Even if you’re not someone who is in love with idea of wearing a condom, there’s a way to be a ferocious animal in the bedroom while still playing it safe. Animal-themed rubbers, each set with a different additive to help you get the most of your love-making session, are here to stay. Whether you opt to be a bear (bare), cheetah (dotted), or any of the six options do Rouse Conms has developed, the goal is to enhance every toe-curling sensation you experience. It’s also worth mentioning that more than 75 percent of Rouse Condom’s profits go toward men’s health organizations, so each purpose means you’d be getting off for a good cause.

7. Snap Some Professional Naughty Photos

While your iPhone is probably equipped with a great camera, it’s better to let the masters handle this one. “A boudoir photo shoot is a triple threat gift!” says Laurel House, an author, spokesperson, and dating coach. “It’s amazing foreplay — posing in sexy lingerie and feeling sexy, an opportunity to push your limits and play up your ‘Fifty Shades’ fantasies in your naughtiest lingerie, and you get to keep the photos and relive the fantasy time and time again!”

8. Embrace Good Butt Play

It’s 2020, and finally, people are realizing that it’s fun to play with your butt. No matter your gender, diddling around back there with a finger, a tongue, or a toy is just another way to up the pleasure factor with your partner. While you may be a bit apprehensive due to the cleanliness factor, Studio Ready is ready to put your mind at ease. It’s Hot Coffee Scrub aims to leave you feeling fresh, invigorated, and ready for all the ass eating you can handle. Who wouldn’t want a “younger, fresher more moisturised appearance” for their butt? Give it the love it deserves!

9. Pick Up Some Edible Panties

Want to nibble her panties right off her? Naughty edible undies are where it’s at. Yandy has quite the assortment of edible sexy goodies: A candy bra, candy nipple tassels, and a candy g-string. If you’re looking for something a little gummier, opt for the strawberry undies, available for both him and her. Your sweet tooth will be very happy.

10. Warm It Up

We all know the power of lube, but warmed lube is so much better. You can’t go wrong when adding an extra heat-filled sensation into foreplay, penetration, or any other clothes-free interaction that may take place. It’s easy to opt for generic lube bottles that can leave you with a messy clean-up, but since it’s 2020, why not go for the dispenser that doles out the lube for you? Pulse transforms your lubricant experience with one simple motion of the hand. Warm lubricant is dispensed at 90 degrees, the perfect temperature to enhance your pleasure.

It’s important to remember the most important rule of this holiday: There are no rules. Just have fun — and while you’re at it, be a little kinky, too.

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