How to unblock a toilet – the quickest and easiest way

Toilet is not flushing as it should! Water is increasing! What do you do first? Take the cover off the container as promptly as feasible as well as shut the toilet flapper.

If the problem is urgent call an expert like Apofraxeis Antoniou!

The commode flapper allows water to flow from the toilet storage tank into the bathroom bowl. If the bathroom looks like it will overflow and also you intend to avoid that which you do, after that you ought to close the commode flapper as rapidly as possible to stop anymore water from entering into the commode bowl. If you really wish to be safe, you can additionally turn off the water system to the bathroom so say goodbye to water can get involved in the container or bowl.

The deal with to turn off the water is generally behind the commode, near to the floor.

Okay, you’ve efficiently avoided an overflow of one of the most humiliating kind. Currently what? Here’s where the “secret plumbing professional technique” is available in:

Add a few mugs of hot water to the bathroom bowl prior to you try diving, and you may not have to plunge in all. The heat aids to thaw the fats in the “blockage” & makes it more probable to flush. Let the warm water sit for a couple of minutes, and afterwards make use of a bettor to intensely press and pull water via the opening in the commode bowl.


OK, it’s time to take it to the next level with a handheld toilet auger. Buy one at the equipment shop– just make certain the corkscrew end of the auger you put in the bathroom has rubber over it, otherwise it will certainly scrape the porcelain. Put it into the toilet hole and also transform the deal with clockwise. When you have actually dislodged the obstruction, pull the auger out, provide the bathroom a couple of even more dives, and flush.


Also the best people need to recognize when to request for aid. If a plunger as well as auger still aren’t working, it’s time to call a specialist.

To avoid having to deal with a clogged up toilet to begin with, below are some ideas:

Never purge heavy paper products down the drain, this includes paper towels and cells. Make sure items you purge are risk-free for pipes systems as well as sewage-disposal tanks.

Relax on the bathroom tissue. Purging big quantities can definitely lead to obstructions.

Toys are an usual reason for blockages, so teach youngsters what should not go down the toilet.

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